Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Calling (midwestern) Tub Hockey Players

I’m recruiting tub hockey players. I’m looking for a few good cats from the Great Lakes region to form an American feline tub hockey team. Maybe a couple teams if there are enough of us.

One rule: I’m in charge. Victor: what else is new?

You don’t even have to be from the Great Lakes states, but Mom said it would save on travel expenses. So… We need a team name. Logo. Jersey colors. Corporate sponsors.
Oh. Mom says no corporate sponsors. Bring treats.

How about the Whiskonsin Hackers? I'm just throwing that out there.
Any thoughts? Purrs, hisses, other contributions?
I guess Victor can be on the team, but he’s sooo minor league.


  1. do you want to join up with me and Scooby, Shaggy & Scout? we are plannin' on playing against the edmonton team (if we can figure out a way to get into canada). we thought of the Ice Cats as a name. let us know.

  2. I like Scratchers as a name, and what about orange, black, grey, and white for the colors (representing the colors of most of us bloggers). I would like to play if I can sneak out and get up north.

  3. Hey, beau has a good idea for names & will we ever agree? Edsel suggest red & black... Our boy played on a team called the Ice Cats once, that's how the name gotted suggested. Thank you for the comment on my marvelous belly! -Shaggy

  4. Well, we're from suburban Milwaukee so we're definitely in the Great Lakes area, but we don't know how to play tub hockey. What is it? Our Mom is not a hockey fan so maybe it's not the thing for us?

  5. The Tub Hockey rules are posted at No experience or specialized knowledge is necessary to participate.

  6. Count me in. I haven't played it either and mum isn't much of a hockey fan.

    I do like the name Ice Cats. Plus multi-colors would be good, since we are all so many colors.

  7. Can kitties who live right on Lake Ontario in Mew York join?

  8. LOL -- you have great ambitions!!! Good luck to you. I love tubs -- great places to sit. Can I bring a recycling bin? -- Muddy,

  9. Muddy, if you bring the bin, I'll have to check it out. I have this thing about plastic boxes...