Sunday, December 18, 2005


We are two Wisconsin cats with mews to share.

I am Bonnie Underfoot, aka The Attack Tabby. I was here first. I was perfectly happy as an only cat. I am a beautiful grey/brown tabby with white paws and chest. I was born in April 1997 in Baraboo, Wisconsin. I know who's in charge: ME. The man is MINE. The woman serves me. The boy is tolerated. - Bonnie

I'm Victor, aka RCA Victor. I adopted the woman on Oct 29, 2005 at an adoption fair. I didn't know she belonged to Bonnie, I just knew she was the person for me. The people think I was born around March 1, 2005. I'm mostly white, with tabby spots. I want Bonnie to be my friend, but she's kinda grumpy. She can be in charge if she wants. I like everyone, but I love to follow the woman and stay near her. Oh, they call me RCA because when I was living in one room, the radio was on and one morning, I made it loud and scratchy. I also made it really quiet without any people help. - Victor

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