Thursday, December 22, 2005

Bonnie's Introduction

I AM the CAT. I was born in April 1997 and have been running this household since that summer. I'm a beautiful gray/brown tabby with lovely white mittens and a white chest. I prefer my man to the rest of the humans. I defend my home fiercely, even from visiting humans. You don't touch me unless I want to be touched. No one carries me but the man and only when I want to be carried. I don't do the snuggly lap thing - too subservient.

Then came Victor. Whose idea was that? We were quite happy without him, thank you. This was a peaceful home, run according to my wishes. Then the woman brought HIM. Where did I go wrong in her training? The only reason I haven't killed the little monster is because the man wants me to be nice and we have an extra set of bowls and litter box. The extra litter box is most convenient as the basement is cold this time of year and I don't have to go down there to use this one.

Ok, I'll admit he's cute. I keep yelling at him, but he just flops on the floor or runs away. Stand up and fight like a cat, you coward! Look at him, all fuzzy and white. Ok, there's a rumor that I play with him once a day, but I'm just trying to put him off guard. When he least expects it, I'll corner him and then we'll see whose house this is! My humans say to share. Share! Why should I share what's rightfully all mine?

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