Sunday, May 28, 2006

Introducing Charcoalie

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The evil vet suggested getting a 3rd cat might help with Bonnie's mood. Well, we adopted this little boy from the same shelter as Derby's friend Vir-Ginger. This is Charcoalie, a quiet and well behaved gray tabby. He's the only cat allowed on the table.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Beware of Cat

There are men working around outside my house this week. I heard my people say they are "house panters" or something. Whatever, as long as they stay outside.

One of them took my woman outside to talk yesterday, so I positioned myself at the top of the stairs, ready to stare down any invaders. But they took too long, so I decided it was probably ok and I let Victor take over my post.

In fact, I told Victor to hunch down at the top of the stairs and look menacing. He said he was afraid to attack anyone. I sat in the hall and said, "Don't worry, if anyone tries to get you, I'll be right here to protect you."

What's this "decoy" my woman says I've made of Victor?

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Special Delivery

We got our secrit paws yesterday - special delivery! See, lovely Norwegian Forest cats Ullrick and Vessa from Sweden were our secret paws and their mom, Curiosa, sent our package a long time ago, but it nefur camed! It was coming acrossed the ocean, so I fink maybe a big fish ated it.
Then, Ullrick sent me an email lass week an told me he was sending Curiosa here to Whiskonsin and she could bring us our secrit paws goodies herself cuz he hided them in her bag! So I told Mom, an she an Curiosa met an had coffee an bagels (I'd prefer fish) an... an... WE GOTS GOODIES! See?
Secret Paws

There're two little mousies, treats, a mousie that rolls by itself, cat grass, a long stripey mousie that looks like a kitty tail, an a bouncy ball wif a bell! I almost jumped on the table while Mom was makin the pictor - I could hardly wait!

Mom gave us some treats first. Do I haf to share wif Bonnie?
What IS that?

Bonnie sniffed the long mousey, but wasn't sure bout it. So Mom gave it to ME! I knowed what to do!
What's This?

I sniffed it all ofur, and then we wrestled!
It's Attacking Victor!

It almost got me, but I put the bite on it an won! Rowr!
Victor Bites Back

While I was busy wrestlin wif the long mousie, Bonnie checked out one of the little mousies. I think she laid down on it.
Bonnie & Mouse

Mom is saving the ofur toys fur later an said the grass has to grow before we can has it. But we gots more of the treats today! Mmmmm. Fanks so much Ullrick an Vessa an Curiosa!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Happy Mother's Day?

Or... It's the Thought that Counts.

Victor - Bonnie, I don't think Mom liked our Mother's Day gift furry much.
Bonnie - So? You put it there.
V - Yeah, but it was your idea.
B - So? I told you, we give her somefing that's special to us.
V - Yeah, that part's good. That's one of my favoritest toys.
B - It was *my* favorite until you stole it.
V - I tried to share it! Okay, so it's special to us bof.
B - And I told you, we put it where she'd be sure to find it.
V - Yeah, but...
B - But what? She found it, right?
V - Yeah, but... I think we shoulda put it sumwhere else.
B - It was fine there... How was I supposed to know she wouldn't scoop until Monday?

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Victor's Day in Court

Victor Tabbycat was in court Friday morning, facing charges of assault and battery against a houseplant. The courtroom was filled with cats declaring Victor’s innocence and carrying signs reading, “Free Victor”.

Kukka-Maria had organized a picket line pacing outside the door. Princess Mia Bella was handing out buttons and collecting last minute names for her petition to free Victor. Finnegan J. Katz, Esq., council for the defense, sat calmly next to the defendant, who twitched his tail nervously.

The courtroom quieted for the judge to enter, but the picketers were still chanting, “Let My Feline Go.” The judge cried out, “What’s all that caterwauling?” Someone closed the door, but there followed a few minutes of cats moving in and out the door indecisively before efurryone settled.

During opening arguments, the judge asked Victor his age. Upon learning that Victor is not 18 (months old) yet, the case was transferred to the juvenile feline justice system.

Messrs. Tabbycat and Katz met privately with a juvenile detention agent after their 1pm nap. In light of the excellent defense prepared by Mr. Katz and Mr. Tabbycat’s sincere apology for his actions, the juvenile agent determined the event was an unfortunate accident. She released Victor to his bean parents’ custody. Victor is required to participate in play therapy three times a week and write a Public Service Announcement (PSA) for the benefit of other young cats. He will meet with a parole agent in one month to consider his progress.

Case dismissed.

Friday, May 05, 2006

There's Been A Crime Here!

Oh, oh...
There's been a crime here. Stay back! Don't touch anything! Did any of you see what happened?
The Scene of the Crime

One anonymous witness has come forward. Apparently, the victim was attacked, dragged from its home and left for dead. The witness also identified Victor Tabbycat as having visited the victim shortly before the crime. The victim is reluctant to press charges, although a report has been filed.
The Victim

If you know the whereabouts of Victor Tabbycat, please contact authorities. Do not approach him or attempt to confine him yourself! He is armed and dangerous. He's already under house arrest for excessive cuteness and stealing hearts.
Wanted Poster
Sources indicate this is Victor Tabbycat's second offense, although the previous charges were dropped. The victim is expected to make a full recovery.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Goodbye, Puddin Pop

Sadly, Norton from Meezer Tails has left us. Almost 18 years is a long life and I'm sure he was happy and content. He joins his buddy Ralphie at the Rainbow Bridge. We who are left behind are saddened. He was a Good Cat. You can tell from the cats he influenced. He will be missed.